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Saturday, 31 May 2008

Going green.

We have been thinking about a successor to the oil fired boiler. The cheapest to run would be log fired, but I'm not sure I can do daily fire duty (certainly if we ever get a winter holiday the pipes will freeze) and when the house is rented I'm not huge on the idea of stoking someone else's bath. That means a wood chip system with a hopper, the fuel is local, cheaper than oil and its cost not subject to the vagaries of world politics, plus the green aspect is very appealing. The only obvious downside is that it's twice the cost to install....

The ideal conclusion to this idea (as pondered in an oil fired bath) would be to be take the house off the grid altogether. We have no gas, our water already comes from a spring on the mountain (delicious and potentially power generating), its windy and we have a big flat roof suitable for solar. Only the AGA lets the side down, has anyone tried to run one on veg oil?

Suggestions on all the above would be very welcome.


His Girl Friday said...


just passing thru and thought I'd say hello. You mentioned veggie, we're thinking about switching our diesel work truck over, but not sure of any of the information yet.

Your blog seems interesting...mentions of Capercaille, fishing, venison, mountain-climbing, and a sweet foal photie! :)

jeremy69 said...


There will be books on the subject of greeness:

A very useful weblink follows, take a look at the biodiesel section (you need a reactor to make your own so need to use a lot to make it worthwhile). There are courses available.
The truffle trees section looks like a winner surely!

Can you tell I'm bored at work? Dreaming of doing something completely different? I've only been back 3 days...Jeremy

Anonymous said...

don't use PV cells. they haven't been around yet for 25 years, but that is their pay-back time. IN SUNNY COUNTRIES. you could use the water heater ones, but not the electric ones. Wind turbines and a micro-hydro might be good though

rig up your own water-wheel with an electric generator and batteries