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Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Another new arrival.

The little fella has just arrived in the field below the house. He will be quite surprised next weekend.

Saturday, 6 June 2009

Guardian and Insider.

Thanks to Sally Shalam for penning this piece in today's Guardian. Its captures the tone of the place and will hopefully appeal to the right sort of reader for the house. Big Al (Allan Heaney) the chef laid on an amazing spread while Sally was here and deserved a few more column inches not afforded by a half page, and the pictures in the paper were a bit wonky but it's much appreciated. The shower is in the pipeline once the Insider is finished.

For the Insider our license states that we can't sell tickets on the gate and we are strictly limited to 400. Both Inshriach and the Insider are in for some unexpected publicity and we would recommend to those of you who read this to get your tickets in quickly. To this end we are laying on a little incentive. Anyone who buys a ticket by this Friday will have their name put into the hat and may find themselves the proud occupier of an 8' yurt for the weekend with all manner of creative entertainment and lavish hospitality thrown in.

I'm probably doubling up what I'm saying to a few of you. See the Insider website for more details.

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

The Insider.

Somehow we have managed to organise a very civilised little get together in under 4 weeks. Today, with 3 weeks to go, Henry and Dan have got the website up and running and tickets are officially on sale.

Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to the Insider.

Monday, 1 June 2009


The lovely Einsiedels at Pityoulish have a selection of very reasonably priced cottages not far from here. Good overflow for any of you not feeling like camping at the Insider and if it's like yesterday, when 3 days of sunshine had warmed loch Pityoulish nicely, it's an excellent place to stay. I have been thinking about a list of wild swimming spots near here for the Outdoor Swimming society so if Aviemore fills with neoprene clad swimmers it's probably my fault.

Back at Inshriach we have 4 new foals this week, very sweet and very wobbly. These are 2 of last years.