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Friday, 18 December 2009

The Telegraph and other developments.

The article from last weeks Sunday Telegraph is now available to view online here complete with snowy wintery picture. It looks like this again today after a decent dump of snow last night.

The brilliant Kirsty came up from Glasgow and rattled off a dozen haircuts at Inshriach in time for the Old Bridge Inn launch party last night. Alasdair Roberts, The French Wives and Washington Irving played followed by a fireside jam between Roberts, Ali Caplin and some whisky chasers. May this be the first of many musical evenings at the Bridge.

We have a few dates for next year. The National Park are supporting a spoon carving workshop here the last weekend of February, no doubt the skills required for coppicing and carving birch and burr to make spoons can be transferred to other objects. The next Yurt course is the 8th March and we are looking again at rolling out some really beautifully appointed yurts in scenic corners of the estate over the course of next year.

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

The (new) Old Bridge Inn

Ladies and Gentlemen I would like to introduce the new landlords and landlady of the Old Bridge Inn. Forged in the kitchen furnaces and broiling pots of celebrity yachts, Stevie Matson is the exceptionally talented chef. Still fresh from the Insider and finely honed on the whetstone of Ord Ban is Gordon Reilly and freeing themselves from the smoke and dirt of the city in pursuit of a life of quiet reflection and moderation are Owen Caldwell and Kim Plimley. They are here for the next decade and plan on taking the Old Bridge to new heights, with a fine menu, live music and proper beers. All of them currently reside on or within 200 yards of Inshriach so last night a good dozen neighbours donned the overalls, took up the rollers and by half two this morning the (new) Old Bridge was born.

The launch party is this Friday with live music from Alasdair Roberts, Washington Irving and The French Wives. You can get the lowdown here and become a fan of the Old Bridge on Facebook for news of future events.

Sunday, 6 December 2009

Sunday Telegraph / Christmas availability.

Thanks to the Big Domain and Caroline McGhie we appear in a little piece in today's Sunday Telegraph Life section. Due to an unavoidable cancellation a few weeks back the week over Christmas is still available and at this late stage we are offering it for £3500 rather than the usual £4500. That's the week to Sunday 27th December. Maybe some press will spur a little last minute Christmas holiday making. New Year is already booked.

When I went to pick up the paper this morning there was this stormer of a rainbow outside the back door, I have taken this to be a positive sign.

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Woodenbox II.

Woodenbox and a fistful of Fivers have just released this video 'Besides the Point' which they shot down at the March pool back in August.

This week the pool looks like this.