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Wednesday, 28 May 2008

George and Jeremy.

Im a bit behind here but congratulations to George and Jeremy on their wedding, it couldn't have happened to nicer folk. Jeremy has been following my musings here, it was he who told me how to Parma the pig and as a test of whether he is still following me on their honeymoon, this is an open invite for you and whosoever you may choose to come fishing.


jeremy69 said...

So nice of you both to make it eh? We were dead chuffed. Well, as soon as we've sorted post-honeymoon things / money / sick dog / seeing the family etc we are straight on to coming up. It might be August...we'll talk. I think we should keep up the tradition of some good hard graft on arrival.

Georgeh said...

Can't believe it has taken me this long to get onto your blog... and thank you for coming all the way to join us for our wedding and then giving the farmer plenty of amusement by camping in the field... are you sure you didn't share tired's tent?! Looking forward to visiting next for some fishing, although I may sit on the bank and admire. Apparently my granny's a mean fisher woman, not sure I've got that gene... x