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Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Good things - Inverhall marquees.

After a bit of an early season debacle with a marquee we then got the rest of the year (2 more weddings and the Insider) straightened out with the help of Inverhall marquees. Their tents are lovely traditional canvas tents with all the right details (nice round wooden poles, oak toggles, wooden doors and natural ropes), the prices are spot on considering the quality and their tents were immaculately put up by a super professional team of guys. Use them, and if you would like to know who not to use I can tell you that as well.

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Railway Records update.

Thanks to a truly amazing and generous group of friends the Dalnaspidal station is now dismantled, denailed and back in the yard at Inshriach. Thanks as well to the Strathspey steam railway for giving us the building, to those of you who sponsored us, to Fergus Thom for coming by to get some of it on film and Aaron Sneddon for the aerial shots. You can see the entire dismantling over on the Funraiser facebook page.

In a fortunate turn of events the lovely brackets from the front of the station have turned up in amongst the piles of railway ephemera in Boat of Garten, as have the original gutters.

We are still going to need to raise a good sum to get the station back up so we are offering 20% off any bookings at Inshriach House made directly with us and taken before the end of September and we are very, very happy to take further donations. The same crew are off on a benevolent mission of festival organising and house repairing for the next two months, they are coming back for round two.

Late availability - 20% off Inshriach House bookings until the end of September

Between the Insider Festival and the Railway funraiser we have slightly taken our eye off the ball as far as late summer bookings are concerned so we are offering 20% off all bookings on Inshriach House until the end of September. That includes photoshoots but not shotgun weddings. If we are going to rebuild the station we need to fill these weeks and raise some money so please get in touch if you have a reason to take a lot of friends on holiday. That means £2400 rather than £3000 for the full week and a mere £1800 for a long weekend.

And if the weather carries on like this who needs to go to the south of France anyway.

Friday, 12 July 2013

Homes and Interiors on the Bothy Project.

This edition of Homes and Interiors magazine has a lovely article by Gabriella Bennett on staying at the Bothy Project. She happened to coincide with a wedding so finished up Saturday night in the unconventional situation (for a a peaceful woodland retreat) of dancing the night away with hundreds of strangers. Watch out for us in the next edition which is going to have a full feature on the estate and all of the oddball things we get up to. This week you can also find us featured in Trout and Salmon magazine and the Strathy has run a piece on the Railway station move. Press-tastic.