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Saturday, 31 May 2008

Another foal.

Of the half dozen that are due over the next few weeks, and the sky really is that colour today.

I caught a little sea trout last night, a beautiful silvery fish, it was too small to eat and sadly it had gulped the fly too deep for me to unhook it alive. I then lost the same fly (a favourite sedge) to a tree just out of reach and fell in the river with my waders on, such is the way with fate.


His Girl Friday said...


I've heard about the sky colour issue! ;) I'll admit, I'm a bit spoiled. I try not to tease my UK cousin too much!!

What kind of horses are these? My 'filly' turned 5 yest. I've thought about re-breeding her mum, maybe next year.

Walter said...

The horses are highland ponies, stalking stock originally. Cameron has been breeding them here for 35 years so we have up to 25 at any one time.

His Girl Friday said...

very neat! I don't know much about the Highland ponies. My friend has an Icelandic which he will be breaking to ride this summer.

Just curious if your Highlands were gaited? If you're too busy dealing with 'orange' to answer, don't worry...I can google my question! ;)