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Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Bringing the Station Studio to Inshriach

On the back of an outstanding weekend with the Insider festival (have a look at my photos over on the Inshriach House Facebook page) we now embark on the next round of quick fire travel related nonsense. The Strathspey Steam Railway have kindly donated what is left of Dalnaspidal Railway station, once the highest Railway station in the British Isles, and we are about to strip it down and bring it back here to rebuild it as a recording studio. Its going to take some help and some money to get this done so If you feel like supporting this scheme you can throw a few pounds at us through the paypal button below and we would be forever grateful. You can go to the Funraiser facebook page for updates from the front.

Saturday, 8 June 2013

2 weeks until the Insider.

This week we have hit the ground running up at Inshriach. It is now 8 days until Charlie McKerron's music school kicks off so the priority is to get the lawn finished. The first tent from Inverhall marquees is up which is going to hold the Painting School Restaurant, Artisan Roast Coffee Shop and the Inshriach Nursery cake shop. Because we prefer to make and recycle everything that goes into the Insider the farmyard is a hive of activity and anyone who swings past with a helpful disposition is roped in. Big thanks to Calum and Jen for the day they spent pulling the floors from the chicken sheds for the deluxe Insider travel hotel, then to Paul Millard of Red Kite Yurts for getting very blue making benches for the painting school. Next up, wiring the hotel for bedside tea and coffee facilities and delving back through the signage department to make sure all departure information and international tourist information is up to scratch.

The Insider is looking like another sell out so don't delay if you want a ticket.