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Monday, 26 July 2010

The Inshriach Panther.

Here's one for visitors to look out for. There have been recent sightings, as reported here by the Strathspey and Badenoch Herald, of a large cat believed to be a black panther. The last sighting was in the woods near the gates of Inshriach House. We deny it was anything to do with the entertainment for the wedding this weekend and our neighbours big furry cat Sampson denies ever coming this far from home but we will leave some food out and see if we can make friends. Watch this space for updates.

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

3 weddings and the Heap.

July is the month of all things nuptial.

First up were Emily and Simon. They took the house for a long weekend and chose a humanist ceremony so everyone could wander out across the fields and they could get married here amongst the buttercups. Big Al (our favourite chef) fed everyone back on the lawn then we took off in glad rags and wedding togs to the ceilidh in Kincraig. They then spent a secluded and romantic wedding night in the yurt.

The second wedding was Richard and Marie's, old friends who have been coming to Inshriach for years. I was best man (Richard's stag took place at the Insider) and I needed suitable wheels to get the groom to Tiverton registry office, a small matter of 850 miles away. Long standing visitors will have met the Heap, a tweaked 1971 MGB that has followed me round the country untouched and in bits for the best part of a decade. A week of late nights in the workshop saw the Heap fail its MOT on Monday, slightly catch fire on Tuesday, pass a retest, then make the journey in one hit, in driving rain, without a roof.

Now I'm back and a field away there is a huge marquee set up in preparation for MP and Cristina's wedding, another tent on the lawn for the reception and the laws of physics are being twisted to allow all 185 guests to catch the action from Kincraig church (capacity 100)...

Friday, 9 July 2010

Since the Insider.

Thanks go out to the 800 odd people who made it along to the Insider, especially to those who played, worked so hard or tidied the place up. There are some fantastic pictures gathering on our flickr group and our facebook page. This is what the Scotsman had to say about it. There are further musical experiences in the pipeline for August.

Two weeks of tweaking and tidying later and things were normal enough for Simon and Emily's wedding. They went for a humanist ceremony in a field of waving buttercups. I will post a few pictures from that when I can.