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Saturday, 12 January 2008

We're gonna need a bigger bird feeder.

It might be the snow but outside the kitchen the feeding frenzy is unusally busy this morning. Two red squirrels, including a young one i haven't seen before, robins, siskins, great tits, blue tits, green finches, a blackbird and a pheasant are all in for a feed. I will try to make a little video.

Friday, 11 January 2008


This is Inshriach, a small estate (200 acres is small apparently) 5 miles from Aviemore (not quite) owned by my friend Walter and his family. I've seen dozens of beautiful pictures, hundreds even, but I asked Walter for one that best captured the essence of the place and this is what he gave me.

This is a map of the estate itself, which is marked out by the red line. You can see that it runs a fair way along the south bank of the Spey. This, I'm told, is all good fishing.

I added this final map for my own reference really, in terms of understanding where Inshriach is situatedin the grand scheme of things.