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Monday, 7 April 2008

Professional opinions versus false sense of security

Antony from Scotts Castle holidays came by today and he took a very pragmatic look around the house before offering his advice.

Move the office to the gun room, which wants redecorating. Move the washing machines to the office, which has already been decorated, put in a sink. Replace the dining room with a bedroom with 2 x 4 foot doubles and move the dining room to the hall, find or make a table for 18. Take Uncle Arthur's bedroom and stick a bath in it. Turn the old laundry room in the servants quarters into a bathroom.

He is right on all of the above and we had kind of been ignoring it, flushed with pride at finishing the bedrooms and the existing bathrooms.

So the new Inshriach, a little delayed but soon available to rent, probably with 18 beds, 5 bathrooms, and if anyone fancies helping me out over the next 3 weeks I will love them for ever.

Bring on some real coffee and break out the sugar soap.

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