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Thursday, 24 April 2008

The coo returns.

There is a long standing arrangement at Inshriach whereby Cameron puts the animals with the cutest young in the field visible from the kitchen. Today this big ginger highland cow, Clare, turned up with a tiny calf in tow.

Yesterday I took a look at the deed map to find our upper boundary on the Spey. I was told there was a marker on the opposite bank so I donned some waders and went exploring. The Feshie has plugged itself with gravel and spread over the years so its path is unclear, a fast, waist deep crossing then 200 yards of undergrowth on the banks brought me out at an excellent pool I had never seen, wide, deep and slower than the lower rods, wadable to the centre, with a dirty great black and white marker at its top, a good 400 yards above where i was expecting it. Hunting grounds afresh...

1 comment:

His Girl Friday said...

Hi, just passing thru, and came upon your blog. I liked the photo with You? and the horse (I have two horses of my own)...

this is a great photo...may I 'borrow' it to put on my blog??
(with credit to you, of course!) :)