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Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Inshriach goes sustainable part IV.

These renewables updates are coming thick and fast this week, and they need to, with 4 days and counting until our first rental it looks a lot like we are still spot on schedule (not that we ever made a schedule).

Today was a beautiful frosty morning. We kicked off with the vacuum ports and internal pipework being installed in the hopper so the last braces and the lid could go on. Then Brian from Donside Slating, probably the least vertigo afflicted person I know, arrived with a little tracked scissor lift to get the chimney liner in, Graham came back and hacked some more holes to help the liner through, landed the boiler in its final position and fitted some of the heating pipework and the circulation pump, then Alastair and James (lovely sparkys we adopted from the solar install) popped by this afternoon to see what wiring would be needed. As I write this, just after dusk, a huge tipper truck is rattling 5 tons of pellets along a pipe into the new hopper.

Last night hit minus 9 and with no heating, big holes in the cellar walls and no door between the cellar and the house there were bitter draughts racing through the place. Tonight the door is back on, its a mere minus 4 (and falling) and the holes are stuffed with rockwool so now we can get away with lighting a fire and collapsing in front of the telly.


Moray Security Limited said...

Fantastic Walter ! Very impressed.

Frances said...

You should exercise extreme caution at all times when you're handling that scissor lift.