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Sunday, 5 February 2012

The Beer Moth hits the press.

The 'moth has really captured the public imagination. Last week it went in the Sun travel section, this week I'm told it is in Country Life. Conde Nast Traveller featured it first, then over the last month or so it has picked up its petticoats and gone a trampling across the net. Among the many blogs it has popped up on the one I'm most proud of has to be Lloyd Kahn's . Lloyd wrote the absolutely fabulous books 'Shelter' and 'Home Work', full of handmade huts, shacks, yurts, treehouses and trucks, books which in no small way inspired the conversion in the first place.

Now the lonely planet want to come to stay and a press agency called up for high res pictures so you can expect to see it out and about some more over the next few months. Right now it's up on blocks in the farmyard. Once the renewables situation on the big house is under control I'm going to rebuild the brakes and get it running spot on for whatever adventures 2012 may hold.

Once that's done it will be available to rent again through Canopy and Stars.

1 comment:

Jan Light said...

Great to see the Beermoth has captured imaginations. Look forward to a private view at Easter!