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Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Camp Bedford and the Beer Moth.

Last weeks ebay rambling brought to light a lovely little 1962 Bedford CA campervan in Glasgow. There was no way we (Inshriach Abstract Motoring inc.) could justify it in the petrol fumed wake of the Commer but for our friend Emma B it was love at first sight. We keep it on the road and use it as a spare room for the Beer Moth or for the yurt, Emma uses it during school holidays (she is a teacher) and everyone is happy.

In the meantime the 'Moth has been pressed into service to and from the builders merchant. It is insanely expensive to run - it's cheaper to get a taxi into town - but plasterboard doesn't fit in a taxi and we have a laundry to build before the rentals get super busy next week. Her new roof is under construction, complete with windows and an extra foot of headroom to accommodate holidaying double bass players. With luck everything will be back in service for the start of May.

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