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Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Home Improvements.

Team Inshriach have taken advantage of a fortnight off to prepare for our first wedding of the year. We redecorated a bathroom in this fetching Edwardian ochre, complete with barbers shop still life on the shelves, replaced the only bed in the house which didnt meet our exacting Edwardian aesthetic standards (Miss Blacks) with a lovely distressed Victorian brass number and oiled the floors of the veranda and the front porch to tidy everything up. We also finished the new soakaways off the sunroom, a job that was snowed off in November.

Elsewhere round the farm we started tidying up the woods by the river where the beer moth will end up and took apart the coldframes ready for vegetable season. Harry and I then took the 'moth on largely unproductive but very amusing expedition to see if the Highland Folk museum and the Strathspey steam railway would put some of their Victoriana behind the Insider. Watch this space.

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