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Sunday, 14 February 2010

Yurts and the Piano.

A couple of excellent developments have occurred. The most satisfying is that I have finally finished the yurt we started on the yurt making courses last year. It is 16ft of steam bent loveliness and the cover for it is being made as I speak. A Victorian bed, some lanterns, a chaise longue and a woodburner and we have a woodland honeymoon suite. A collaboration is underway between ourselves, Alastair Sawdays publishing and Paul Millard from Red Kite Yurts, Paul was so taken by the woodland idea that he has given me another 16 footer to put up nearby and both will soon be available to rent, initially in a basic form but getting more luxurious as time and money allow.

The next lovely arrival is this beautiful Edwardian burr walnut upright piano in the hall which is just a tune short of a tune.

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