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Tuesday, 23 February 2010

The other Thing.

Petal (the mean looking grey Landrover which is our closest approximation to an estate vehicle) has not featured in these pages for some time, her summer of filming and adventure curtailed by steadily deteriorating health. Eventually it was the gearbox that let go, a crunch, a grind and a bang during a futile attempt to tow out a snowbound neighbour left Petal stranded in a ditch, apparently for the winter. Despite it being well into the minuses last week and Mr Light snr being on holiday he insisted on donning the overalls and getting stuck straight into an engine swap. Now I have just details to sort out before Petal rides again. Mr Light I salute you.


Granny Light said...

When all is said and done Mr Light had a fine time as your mechanic - his back gives him a daily reminder :)

CBob said...

Great and sterling work!!!
You should see more of this kind of thing advertised in trailfinders on earls court road.
I can see it now ,highland oil and bruises team bonding weekends,self catering,self spanering,grease gun not included.
That's what you need for good old family holiday fun...I will bring more esoteric vehicle based madness your way soon.

Thank you Very Very much Dan and all the family Light