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Wednesday, 7 October 2009

The Bothy revisited.

Anyone who has stayed in the bothy here on anything other that a balmy summers night will appreciate our latest endeavour. Being a contrary kind of recycler, having no budget and being almost unnaturally preoccupied with patina, when I decided to lay a new floor it was not simply a case of visiting Keyline. It's insulated with broken breakthroughs from Raven (conveniently made from 50mm floor insulation), then a layer of chipboard went down (we did have to buy that) then pine boards on top. The floorboards were recovered with a JCB from a house that had been knocked down on top of them (a year ago according to this post), which meant they were a total mess but scraped, ground, sanded and varnished they have come up looking like crazy parquet, all random lengths, a bit scarred but authentic in a mad kind of way, and almost free.

Next up, the gutters.

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