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Friday, 12 September 2008

Inedible foraging.

With the house now finished the bothy is getting an overhaul. In our usual Borrowers style we are spending nothing on it so every time I drive past a building site or a refurb I swing in with some unusual barter. This week a 1950s house was being pulled down and in exchange for 4 slices of cake we lightened their skip to the tune of the floor, the windows, some joists, bits of bathroom and a smashed conservatory. Over this weekend Rufus, Molly and I are cunningly transforming our haul into doors, walls, window frames and a raised bed.


Dan Light said...

this is rapidly becoming one of my favourite blogs - i just wish you'd use Twitter to let me know every time you update it!

great to be able to live out this adventure vicariously from the big smelly. can't wait to come visit in feb - i'll let you know once we have a bit more detail locked down.

love to Molly and Rufus!

EmmaJane said...

Yes, I agree with Mr Light - such a wonderful blog and making me think that life in the city aint all it's cracked up to be. Also making me think, mmmmmmm, pig. (Don't tell my Jewish mother.)

Very, very jealous to have missed your birthday celebrations but looking forward to joining you next year (Feb?) for some belated revelry.