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Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Badger in a hole.

The badgers used to turn up in the farmyard most days at dusk, intent on wreaking merry destructive havoc amongst the chickens. That was until we trained the chickens to put themselves to bed through a high level hatch. Now the bins and compost and any food we choose to leave out are a more achievable target. This fella must have been snooping around the yard and had fallen into the inspection pit in the workshop. He sat tight and unnoticed in a corner for the time it took to me remove an exhaust and I only spotted him when I dropped a spanner and shone my torch at him. This is not the usual fighty flighty attitude I have encountered from cornered badgers in the past so presuming he may have been down there some time I took down some chicken soup and water and some dog food and then made him a ramp and by the morning both the food and the badger were gone.

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