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Thursday, 22 March 2012

More rubbish sheds.

Another part of our plan to keep Inshriach sustainable involves taking as much of our firewood as we can from the estate. Last year we reckon around 15 tons was fed into the house and perhaps half of it we chopped and split ourselves. Storage is the problem, laying down the wood in suitable conditions to season properly. With the yurt, the beermoth, the house and two bothies all anticipating pretty strong levels of occupation it was time to get recycling.

The top shed was easy. 5 offcuts of wriggly tin from the tip, 5 pieces of wood, some screws and three half pallets. The bottom one was the result of a pile of used 4 inch posts and 6 more sheets of salvaged tin sitting dangerously close to each other and getting in the way for a few months. I'm not quite sure what to clad it with but something will no doubt appear.

Now we need to go out and chop some logs.

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