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Monday, 15 August 2011

The Bothy Project.

It is not every day that someone offers you a bothy, pre fab, insulated, small enough to be a temporary structure, large enough to stay in. A month ago that's exactly what happened and so, hot on the heels of the Beermoth comes The Bothy Project. This is how the project describes itself.

'A cross-disciplinary art project that aims to develop a network of
small-scale art residency spaces in distinct and diverse locations
around Scotland.

A platform for artists to journey and explore the peculiarities of Scotland’s history, mythology, ecology, landscape and people.

An opportunity to inhabit existing buildings and create purpose built structures'.

So last week the bothy moved from its temporary home at Edinburgh Sculpture workshops and arrived here on a truck on Saturday. Today is day 3 of the build, there is a troupe of willing bothy builders now cooking breakfast at the Beermoth and by close of play today the walls will be up, by the end of the week the building will be finished and between artist residencies it will be available to rent.

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