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Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Spring cleaning the garages.

With the help of Kyle (who moved here last year as our permanent mechanic) we have the latest yurt taxi up and running. JJS425 is a 1958 Landrover that has spent the last 50 years on a nearby estate but wasn't getting used now comfort and reliability win over pure pipe smoking manliness. Anything hydraulic was knackered, brakes, seals, cylinders, bearings and so on and we will carry on tidying up the chassis and doing bits and bobs over the next year.

That has spurred us on to make some space and prioritise some projects. In the very unlikely event that anyone who reads this wants a 1994 Mini, a 1971 MGB Roadster, or a 1972 MGB Roadster, click on the links and give me a bell.

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