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Sunday, 28 November 2010

It looks like snow.

Due to popular demand we have continued renting the yurt into November (and beyond, it's already taken for New Year and the start of January). The snow came in hard yesterday with the best part of a foot falling during the day, then the temperature dropped to minus 8 overnight. Last year this sort of weather didn't arrive until well into December. The yurters who arrived 2 nights ago weren't expecting it, not a thread of goretex did they have and yet they assure me that with the woodburner going and the candles lit it was a cosy mini adventure, insulated by snow and wine.

Meanwhile Davie Cameron at the smithy has run up a new snowplough for our ancient Massey Ferguson. The plough happened to be ready yesterday morning and it already looks like I might spend a lot this winter trundling around the place backwards.


Granny Light said...

We only really know our beloved Inshriach cloaked in snow. Utterly beautiful. Keep warm Walter, Lucy. Until we meet up - Jan Light.

Hussar said...

hey Walter, looks like you had a bit of snow! Hope you and Lucy manage to stay warm and sane in this insane weather. I wish I was up there. Hope to see you next summer with a tent or yurt.

Martin Dyer