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Saturday, 25 September 2010

News from the Workshops.

Another sideline that has grown at Inshriach over the last year is my status as charitable mechanic to anyone I like who is daft enough to own a classic British motor. Hot on the heels of the MGB gentleman's racer (finished but running horribly after a 2000 mile shakedown) is this 1994 mini sprite. It was put into dry storage with 5600 miles on the clock and I have recommissioned it with new brake and clutch cylinders, a carb rebuild, wheels, tyres and some other bits and bobs and once it gets its MOT it will be for sale. These little things are appreciating fast and this one is perfect, hopefully it can get to £6000.

Thankfully we now have a full time mechanic living at Inshriach. Kyle can fix your car too, for very reasonable rates, especially if it is a classic. Next up for us here is a 1958 Landrover. Then another MGBGT in for some attention over the winter. Then hopefully we can get onto converting my old Landcruiser FJ to a Chevrolet V8 engine. We might well go into classic car rental next year, time, funds, suitable cars and garage space permitting.

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