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Thursday, 3 June 2010

Insider and the Yurt.

It has been a week of such activity I have been slow to spread the good press Inshriach and especially the yurt have achieved. This lovely article in the Times was the result of Tom and Catherine's visit last weekend and since then the yurt has been the scene of one fine party and one successful proposal. It also been in the Express. Some time this week it's in the Mail and rumour has it that Esquire are about to feature it. BA are running something about it in their inflight magazine, the Scotsman are heading this way soon

Since the Times article came out an Saturday we have confirmed the outstanding Daimh to headline our Sunday Insider Folk Session, following on from Macmaster and Hay and Charlie McKerron, and we are building an extraordinary stage in the woods.

For more details about the Insider have a look at the blog devoted to the festival, then book some tickets and join us.

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