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Monday, 23 February 2009

The Family Light.

The long awaited half term of the extended Light family brought 3 generations, 14 adults and no less than 11 children, the eldest being just 8. The holiday was organised by an old friend, Dan Light, and you can read his take on it on his blog. The snow held for a final day of sledging then Dan, hot on the heels of the Watchmen marketing campaign, set about producing the first Inshriach swede. A swede is a remake of a popular movie using a camcorder and a limited budget and, in this case, a predictably child heavy cast. Four days of filming took place with Oscar worthy performances (especially Ben as Gollum), we borrowed a working projector (on our third attempt) and the Sweded Lord of the Rings premiered in the Cine Barn on Friday night.


Sarah said...

Hey Walter...

Your swede is one of the funniest things I have ever seen. I definitely need to get out more : )

Everything looks like it's going swimmingly at the house - well done!

Hope to see you least before we head off to Asia! xxx

James said...

I agree - this has inspired me to do a Swede version of the Search for the Holy Grail with my neice and nephew. Love it!