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Friday, 9 January 2009

The start of the New Year.

The first rental of the New Year is in occupation and this is giving us a chance to test drive our latest collaboration. Ross and Polly run the highly respected Ord Ban restaurant in Aviemore and they have worked up a local, seasonal menu in advance. A huge table has taken residence in the hall and trout, venison, pheasant and beef are simmering away in the kitchen while Steve, whose 40th birthday is being celebrated, is out on a walk unawares. We can now also arrange a chef to do lunches and dinner in house, or arrange excellent pack lunches if you are planning a day out, or Allan, one of the chefs here today, has offered to arrange boxes of local produce for when guests arrive.

Go gourmet leftovers.

As a postscript to this entry I would like to thank Kit for organising this party, even though she couldn't be in attendance. It was a lovely, responsible and likeminded group of people who would be welcome any time. Among the group was Tracey Todhunter whose blog, Low Carbon Communities can be found here. Keep in touch.


Tracey Todhunter said...

Hi Walter, can't wait to be back at Inshriach. We had a ball,the meal cooked by was superb. I hope that will be the start of a long and successful collaboration between you guys. Part of me wants to keep Inshriach as a secret, but some things deserve to be shared. best of luck with all your plans. I'm sure we'll be back before long.

Mel said...

Inshriach is like home from home...only for most of us somewhat bigger! It's not just a house, it's a fine family home that throws open its doors and welcomes you right on in.

Like the birthday banquet, Inshriach and its delightful owners Lucy and Walter exceeded expectations from the moment we arrived. The cellar where the oil boiler works tirelessly, dried out the outdoor gear with ease. There’s no need to brave any dire Scottish weather as the logs for the fires are stored down there too. The bikes (all 7 plus a tandem) were parked up in the sunroom with room to spare. Speaking of room there’s plenty of it...from the bedrooms (no two the same), the baths (room to share!), the kitchen where all 14 of us ate, to the lounges where the party plans took shape and as you can see from Walters photo, the hallway where we dined in fine style!

You can walk from the house (a yomp up Ord Ban and around the Loch will get your ticker going), Aviemore is 5 minute drive and the Cairngorm Mountain lift only 15 minutes away.

So all said, it’s quaint, it’s quirky and Inshriach is an absolute gem of a find. Thanks once again Lucy and Walter. The very best of luck with those plans, we're looking forward to seeing them 'safari style' when we return!

Bill Comer said...

I'll third all that.

Walter, I really hope this project works out. You have already achieved loads and I so hope all those plans come to fruishion.

Awesome house, and oh so welcoming. A real treat & honour to be given the opportunity to share it.

Just watching red squirrels literraly right outside the kitchen window truely made it for me.